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A bitch with no name. [userpic]
Two 'Lost' stars arrested for DUI
by A bitch with no name. (__021489__)
at December 2nd, 2005 (11:01 pm)


A bitch with no name. [userpic]
by A bitch with no name. (__021489__)
at November 27th, 2005 (03:21 pm)

current mood: crappy


Why does it seem like everybody hates Ana-Lucia?

Does anybody here hate her?

A bitch with no name. [userpic]
I feel like crap.
by A bitch with no name. (__021489__)
at October 27th, 2005 (06:03 pm)

current mood: annoyed

I had, like, 0 hours of sleep this week. Then last night I stayed up just to watch Lost but then when it came on... it was a re-run. NO FAIR!

But then I stayed up and watched it anyway.
I'm such a dork.

A bitch with no name. [userpic]
Not of great importance.
by A bitch with no name. (__021489__)
at October 17th, 2005 (08:30 pm)


I am your new leader.
Lol, sorry guys. Just a bit too much sugar today. (My mom made cake last night and I've been snacking all day.)
It's the old me. ___bitch_ & xso_unpopular and I think there was one before that but I don't remember.
Just informing you all. (For not specific reason.)

Lizz [userpic]
by Lizz (sylvialover240)
at September 18th, 2005 (12:47 am)

Name: Lizz <~ with 2 z's cuz im cooler than you :)

Age: ehh im 16...shameful i know....

Location: herk yeah i'm chillin'(total oxymoron) out in Florida! in the not so shiny not so zazy lake mary...

Contacts: Email- Silvialover240@yahoo.com AIM-Silvialover240 MSN-ibelongtosarah@hotmail (its best not to ask)

Favorite Actor(s):oh god....Michelle Rodriguez, Vin diesel, Angelina Jolie, Colin Farrel, Cillian Murphy *gasms all over the place*, Heath Ledger...i could go on

Interests:ok here we go...you'll soon find out why Michelle owns my soul. my #1 Hobbies are...Boxing and Drag Racing lol coincidence i think not! well...my parents are Drag Racers and well we're a spanish family...soo boxing is kinda the norm. and i love to sing, im in the chorus, and i sing for disney every christmas. pretty much any sort of art is on my list such as painting/drawing, drama... (yeah im one of those) i love cars...with a passion..a silvia/240sx(with conversion) is the ultimate dream..*salivates* , oh and i read aLOT of fanfics....im talking massive amounts...lamamacita1981..lol i have read your stuff 4 or 5 times really awesome, always on my favorite authors list :)

and thats it folks!

Michelle [userpic]
by Michelle (xmichi02)
at September 13th, 2005 (10:16 pm)

current mood: sleepy

Name: Michelle. Michi. You can call me bitch too if you'd like. Oh, but if you call me that to my face, I hope you aren't happy with all your teeth in place.
Age: I'm 21. I'm of legal drinking age. Woot, woot. But I swear I'm not an alcoholic.
Location: Right now I'm between Columbus, Ohio with my daughter, my sister and my three nieces and Jersey City, New Jersey with my grandmother. <3 you Isa.
Contacts: You can e-mail me. xmichi02@yahoo.com / I'm also on Yahoo messneger from time to time. Send a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.
Favorite Actor(s): There's, like, a million. But mostly right now it's Michelle Rodriguez, which is, I guess, a given. -Shrug-
Interests: My kids, my sisters [minus my oldest sister], my nieces and nephew [there are like a million], reading, writing, singing, acting, dancing, talking.
Other Info You want to Share: I'm a single young mother if you can't show me respect then I'd rather you didn't try to talk to me at all. Thanks.

by Becky (beckyhelene)
at September 12th, 2005 (03:26 pm)

Name: Becky
Age: 19, but I'll be 20 in 40 days, lol.
Location: Lock Haven PA (college) originally from NYC
Contacts: MajandraDfan@aol.com aim: MajandraDfan
Favorite Actor(s): Michelle Rodriguez, Vin Diesel, Majandra Delfino, and a heck of a lot too name, lol.
Interests: Writing, reading, watching tv, watching dvds, fan fiction
Other Info You want to Share: I'm so psyched that Michelle's joining the cast of Lost

by The Crazy Annoying Friend You Have (xso_unpopular)
at September 7th, 2005 (08:39 pm)

Name: Beth. Or you can call me annoying. Same thing.
Age: I am a smart 16 year old. Yes, there is such a thing.
Location: Boring ole Columbus, Ohio.
Contacts: Yahoo - crazii_lette or super_b_tch07 // AIM - sprbtch07 // MSN - super_b_tch07@hotmail.com // E-mail Address: crazii_lette@yahoo.com or super_b_tch07@yahoo.com or super_b_tch07@hotmail.com
Favorite Actor(s): So many. Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel, obviously. Also a few others such as Eva Mendes, Devon Aoki, Jordana Brewster, Colin Farrell, Lauren Graham, and a few more I can't think of right now.
Interests: Oh my. Fanfictions. Colorful stuff. Rainbows. Writing. Web design (Even though I can never stick with one site.)
Other Info You want to Share: Hmm. My birthday is on Valentine's Day. *Shrug* Nah, there isn't anything else I want to share.

o.O I could have sworn I did this. Maybe I did it on my old screen name and then deleted it.

by The Crazy Annoying Friend You Have (xso_unpopular)
at September 7th, 2005 (08:04 pm)

current mood: crushed

Okay. So, I was serious about the people being deleted. I just deleted two members.

I don't think they'd even notice. *Shrugs* That's they're loss. It's not hard to reply to a post.

♪ - ♪ -Mami- ♪ - ♪ [userpic]
First posttttttttttttttttttt, y'all.
by ♪ - ♪ -Mami- ♪ - ♪ (haleiwatown)
at September 7th, 2005 (07:18 pm)

Hullo. Here goes my intro, 3tc.

Name: LaMamacita1981
Age: 23
Location: New Jersey, USA
Contacts: MamiMami81 (AIM), LaMamacita1981@hotmail.com (MSN), la_mamacita_81 (Yahoo)
Favorite Actor(s): Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom, Djimon Hounsou, Hayden Christensen, Matt Schulze, Michael Ealy, Vin, Michelle Rodriguez, Angelina Jolie, Erika Christensen, Scarlett Johansson, Rosario Dawson.
Interests: Writing, Reading, Hanging with my daughter Maria, Drifting, Soccer, Gymnastics, Ballet, Football.
Other Info You want to Share: If anyone's interested in Dom/Letty fanfic, you can see plenty at http://enverano.tripod.com .

A few of my favorite pics...Collapse )

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