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Michelle [userpic]
by Michelle (xmichi02)
at September 13th, 2005 (10:16 pm)

current mood: sleepy

Name: Michelle. Michi. You can call me bitch too if you'd like. Oh, but if you call me that to my face, I hope you aren't happy with all your teeth in place.
Age: I'm 21. I'm of legal drinking age. Woot, woot. But I swear I'm not an alcoholic.
Location: Right now I'm between Columbus, Ohio with my daughter, my sister and my three nieces and Jersey City, New Jersey with my grandmother. <3 you Isa.
Contacts: You can e-mail me. xmichi02@yahoo.com / I'm also on Yahoo messneger from time to time. Send a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.
Favorite Actor(s): There's, like, a million. But mostly right now it's Michelle Rodriguez, which is, I guess, a given. -Shrug-
Interests: My kids, my sisters [minus my oldest sister], my nieces and nephew [there are like a million], reading, writing, singing, acting, dancing, talking.
Other Info You want to Share: I'm a single young mother if you can't show me respect then I'd rather you didn't try to talk to me at all. Thanks.