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Lizz [userpic]
by Lizz (sylvialover240)
at September 18th, 2005 (12:47 am)

Name: Lizz <~ with 2 z's cuz im cooler than you :)

Age: ehh im 16...shameful i know....

Location: herk yeah i'm chillin'(total oxymoron) out in Florida! in the not so shiny not so zazy lake mary...

Contacts: Email- Silvialover240@yahoo.com AIM-Silvialover240 MSN-ibelongtosarah@hotmail (its best not to ask)

Favorite Actor(s):oh god....Michelle Rodriguez, Vin diesel, Angelina Jolie, Colin Farrel, Cillian Murphy *gasms all over the place*, Heath Ledger...i could go on

Interests:ok here we go...you'll soon find out why Michelle owns my soul. my #1 Hobbies are...Boxing and Drag Racing lol coincidence i think not! well...my parents are Drag Racers and well we're a spanish family...soo boxing is kinda the norm. and i love to sing, im in the chorus, and i sing for disney every christmas. pretty much any sort of art is on my list such as painting/drawing, drama... (yeah im one of those) i love cars...with a passion..a silvia/240sx(with conversion) is the ultimate dream..*salivates* , oh and i read aLOT of fanfics....im talking massive amounts...lamamacita1981..lol i have read your stuff 4 or 5 times really awesome, always on my favorite authors list :)

and thats it folks!